Finding The Right Wedding Venue For Your Big Day

Finding the right wedding venue for your wedding can be stressful and time consuming. If you are looking in Staffordshire, consider the Keele Ballroom for your wedding. Keele Hall is one of Staffordshire’s finest homes, and is located on acres of lakes, forests, and gardens.
There are several elements that you may need to consider while deciding on the right wedding venue for you. First, brides and grooms will need to decide whether they are having a civil ceremony or a religious ceremony. This can affect the decision of what venue to choose, because a religious ceremony will generally be held in a church of the denomination of the couple’s preference. Many guests will not want to travel far from the ceremony site to reach the reception, so choosing a site close at hand will help your guests get from the ceremony to the reception. Many guests will not want to drive after the reception, so finding a place that has hotels or other accommodations available to guests is important!
Second, couples will need to decide how far they want their guests to have to travel on the special day, but how far they would like to travel for their wedding. Traditionally, weddings were held near the bride’s house. This ensured that the bride’s family would be able to attend the wedding. However, with travel becoming easier and more convenient, many couples are looking for destination weddings in unique and adventurous locations. If a destination wedding is something you are considering, a wedding venue Staffordshire, England, might be an excellent option for you. There are many villages and communities with both religious services and civil ceremonies available for couples in the area.
Another issue may be the season that the wedding is taking place. Summer months, May through September, are peak wedding months and it can be very difficult to find a suitable wedding venue at an appropriate price during these months. December is another peak period for weddings.
However, couples need to think not only about the month, but about the day of their wedding. Weddings on weekends, particularly Saturday, can make it very difficult to find a suitable venue. Weddings during mid-week can make it easier to find the right location.
One factor that many couples need to consider is the exclusivity of their site: are they willing to share the day with another couple? Some places like hotels will book multiple weddings on the same day. This can make it confusing for guests who need to identify which wedding they are going to, and can mean that couples get rushed out of their reception before they are ready to go.
When a couple has decided what they location they want, there are more specific elements of picking the venue at that location. For instance, many couples will wonder if food and beverage options are included when the book a wedding venue. If so, what choices do they have, and how many options do they have? Particularly if a couple has guests with dietary restrictions, knowing the menus that are available at a venue can quickly help you narrow your search to just one or two possible wedding locations.
These are all factors when considering a wedding, and become particularly complicated when you are thinking of a destination wedding. Not knowing the wedding venue can make it hard to know whether this is right venue for your wedding, and make questions about the reputation and quality of services more difficult to answer. However, a destination wedding is not impossible! With careful planning wedding venues in many locations are easy to obtain.
If you are seeking a wedding venue Staffordshire, you have many options available to you as to the style of your wedding. There are stately homes available which have ballrooms, like Keele ballroom, which are appropriate to luxurious destination weddings. Some couples may also seek out smaller or more informal wedding venues, while others may find that they are looking for a very unique location like a zoo or a restaurant for their wedding. Knowing what you want is the first step to finding the wedding venue right for you.

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