Long Island Weddings That Capture Forever

A famous quote by Kahlil Gibran goes, “Marriage is the golden ring in a chain whose beginning is a glance and whose ending is eternity”. The day you get married is the day forever starts. A wedding is the fulfillment of every girl’s dream this is why it will take careful planning and effort to make it perfect and unforgettable. Long Island weddings in New York City may give you a wedding that’s a lot better than the one you’re dreaming about.

There are lots of romantic places in Long Island where you could hold a great wedding. These venues are notable for paying close attention to everything and making sure the wedding is just what the bride envisions.

Agents for many Long Island wedding venues will take you step-by-step through the whole planning process-from your wedding ceremony to your reception. You could hold your ceremony on a lush and romantic garden or an intimate beach front gazebo. You could coordinate with them where best to have the exchange of vows. When you have a special request, they are going to gladly cater to it. You and your guests would be treated to the highest quality of food and attentive service.

What Long Island weddings should have:

-Table Centerpieces

Long Island wedding Venues ensure that you have impressive table centerpieces. Provide the planners a brief description of how you’d want your table to look-they will definitely deliver. Coordinate with your florist so that they can work on decorating the tables accordingly. Make sure the theme of your wedding is well put-together to avoid clashing colors and looks. Ahead of the wedding, you need to prepare a tailored seat plan that’ll make your family and friends feel warm, welcomed, and happy.

-Floral and Entertainment Options

Long Island wedding venues provide in-house florists to help with the flower arrangement-from the bouquet of the bride to the beautiful table centerpieces. You could let them know what flowers to use on your centerpieces or bouquet. They may suggest which arrangement is good for your motif. The venues may also suggest various entertainment options for the reception–a romantic band, fireworks-just inform them.


Long Island weddings make sure your family, relative and friends feel comfortable and well attended by supplying experienced Maitre’D. They will guarantee that special request of guests are taken care of. In addition, they make sure the food served is of the best quality.

-Bridal Attendant

Every blushing bride requires an attendant who will help her with her special needs. Bridal attendants will make sure the bride isn’t hassled on her wedding. They help her prepare for her wedding and make sure that everything is organized.

-Private Bridal Suite

Long Island Wedding venues offer quaint, private bridal suites where the bride could prepare before she walks down the aisle. The bride can pick which suite is perfect for her. The suites are very secure so the bride could leave her things behind without any worries.

-Private Cocktail Hour for the Bridal Party

Long Island wedding receptions are a blast. Your family and friends could enjoy drinks at the bridal party. In case you have some specific drinks in mind, don’t hesitate on informing them. A few drinks wouldn’t hurt-it allows guests to rest a bit, loosen up and enjoy the party.

-Rose Garden and Beach Front Ceremonies

If you want to a romantic beach wedding at sunset, there are tons of Long Island venues that could offer you this dramatic setting. A rose garden for a sensual and romantic feel may even do nicely.

Other features supplied by Long Island Wedding venues include wedding cake design, valet parking, an array of ice sculptures and enhanced lighting.

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